Ecleris - Innovation value

Ecleris -

An innovative CCD type camera, 1 chip, PAL 625 lines / NTSC 525 lines resolution. Built-in controls in the camera head: white balance, windows, anti moiré and image capture key to operate our Endodigi from the head itself (take pictures and record videos). Ideal for endoscopic procedures at the doctor’s office.

Using a 1/3” state-of-the-art CCD PROCAM ensures the best quality of image, clearness and resolution. 2-lux sensitivity, high resolution and a high-speed shutter (electronic diaphragm) optimizes light control.

Ultralight ergonomic head.

This TV camera can be used in every type of endoscopic procedures.

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It is a high definition video-camera with excellent color reproduction, image clearness and resolution. High definition is being increasingly adopted both for the domestic and surgical applications. Procam HD has an ergonomic head and 4 controls located in the console: white-balance, Windows function (in two levels), anti-moiré function (in two levels) and a specially programmed set-up to perform larynx stroboscopic procedures. It has a 1280 x 720 p resolution, with a CCD 1/3” HD sensor and just 3-Lux sensitivity.

Ideal to be used with our Light sources: LED EVERLUX and Xenon XENOLUX

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