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Complete digital documentation system for videos and images.


Document important images & videos from your endoscopic exams, procedures and surgeries.

Endodigi is a digital video/image capture software and hardware system, designed to work with real time video High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD).

View live video from your camera while recording images and audio. Endodigi is simple enough to work seamlessly in your clinic and powerful enough to provide all the documentation needs of any practice capturing media files.


Endodigi records your videos and images. There are no special steps to take or files to name. All of your data is saved and organized in the central database which can be sorted by patient name, exam date or chart number.

  • Locate, review images & playback video exams.
  • Video player with slow motion, frame by frame modes & Toggle video.
  • Compare images and videos side by side.
  • Edit capability.
  • Create quick comprehensive time saving reports.
  • Optional: advanced customized reporting.
  • Easy to search database.
  • Extract images from video.

Endodigi Web sharing: is a simple and secure way to share images, videos and reports with patients & colleagues via email links.

No need to burn DVD´s or export files to portable drives. Viewing files from any web browser is simple, just create a user profile and share with as many recipients as you wish, including yourself, then access the videos, pictures and reports anywhere.

HIPPA compliant secure connections

  • Export sharing: using e-mails, DVD´s, USB drives, etc.
  • Network sharing: integrate all Endodigi capture stations in a common database in your clinic through Endodigi server.

Endodigi Cloud is a virtual network. Your data can be shared on a remote web server and can be accessed through the Endodigi software from any remote location.


Endodigi Network is a central data base system wich allows you to capture from multiple Endodigi systems and view the data in any other Endodigi room or review station. You can also set up other locations, such as a remote office across town.


Upon request, we can remotely access your computer and solve most technical problems.

  • User friendly.
  • Patient data base with index and search filter.
  • Videos and images organized by visit.
  • Audio capture.
  • Available in HD & SD.
  • Report template builder, customized reports.
  • Built in image editor: add marks, texts to pictures.
  • Export to EMR file format JPG, PDF, WMV.
  • Built in backup software to protect database.
  • Restore module to retrieve data backups.
  • Automatic detection and conversion from previous Endodigi versions and formats.
  • Expand the pictures library with your own images and graphics.
  • Import images from library into the patient visit to explain, compare or teach.
  • Storage capability only limited by size of hard drive on the PC, easy to grow.
  • Endodigi works in multiple resolutions or full screen.
  • Wizard for Endodigi Web.
  • Editable pathology list with statistic database.
  • Wired or wireless foot control.
  • Telemedicine.
Endodigi SD USB,(Standard Definition)
  • Connects USB to computer.
  • Captures Video.
  • Captures Images.
  • Real time video.
  • Footswitch.
  • Composite video in x 3.
  • Composite video out x 1.
Endodigi HD USB (High Definition)
  • Connects USB to computer.
  • Captures HD Video.
  • Captures HD Images.
  • Real time video with overlay function.
  • Footswitch.
  • HDMI in.
  • Video Component (HD) in (RCA RGB).
  • Video Composite (SD) in (BNC).
  • PC in (HDMI).
  • Monitor out (HDMI).
  • Audio in.
Endodigi Solo HD, captures and manages HD videos and pictures independently of a computer.
  • Captures HD Video.
  • Captures HD Images.
  • Real time video.
  • Connects to network via Ethernet or WiFi (optional).
  • HDMI in x 2.
  • HDMI out x 3.
  • USB ports x4.
  • Record on USB flash drives.
  • Internal memory.
  • Audio out.
  • Audio / mic in.

Real time video (no delay) on a full screen image on both HD and SD video quality!