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Dental Microscope Ecleris OM -100:  better vision, better treatment.

Following the trend in dentistry treatments Ecleris has developed a microscope especially for dental use.

In fields such as endodontic, periodontics, prosthetic surgery, conservative dentistry; working with a dental microscope provides excellent vision in the working area and allows the physician to achieve greater accuracy both in diagnosis and treatment. Dental microscopes help to reduce stress and muscle fatigue, maintaining professional upright posture, regardless of patient position.

Dental Microscope Features:

• Optical magnification ranges adapted to working area.
• Different magnifications: 4X, 6x, 10x, 16x and 25x.
• Tilting Binocular 0 to 180º
• LED lighting system, white light, high power, no bulbs, 50.000 hours life of LED
• Floating pantograph arms that allow optimal mobility to see any tooth or mouth area.
• Orange filter for working with polymers.

Optional Accessories:

• Binocular rotating ring that improves mobility of the optical system.
• Beam splitter of one and two ports to adapt video cameras, second observer, etc.
• Binocular assistant or Teaching binocular.
• Video cameraProcam (integrated light source connection).
• Adapter for digital HD cameras
• Stand Monitor to place on top of the column.
• Binocular extension optical device: helps maintaining upright positioning, for improved operator comfort.

Digital Documentation. Photos, videos, patient records:

• EndodigiSoftware for patient management and digital image file, SD and HD versions.

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