Ecleris develops and manufactures medical and dental equipment based on optics, electronics and software, serving the following medical fields: microscopy, colposcopy, endoscopy, ENT, gynecology, surgery and aesthetic medicine

This division is specialized in the development of equipments for: ENT, gynecology and minimally invasive surgery. We can offer innovative, high-tech, excellent design products at a reasonable price.

We are a cutting-edge enterprise in the development of equipments for aesthetic treatments, both corporal and facial ones. All our equipments are of great reliability and competitive price.

Following the dental treatment trend at a global level we developed a special microscope and other equipments for dental use. We offer an excellent service al a convenient and competitive market price.

We innovate to create better products because we wish to help you take care of your pets and improve their quality of life. We take our cutting edge technology to the veterinary specialty quality of life.

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